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THUNDER! Girls play games too!

It’s fair to say that at the start of the industry, video games were considered a male activity. As girls played with dolls, make up, and easy-bake ovens, boys were role-playing fantasies with comic books, their imaginations, with sound effects and toy guns, making video games a natural transition. Times have changed however, to this day roughly 40% of all gamers are female, and in a time where most video games were aimed strictly towards men; we now see many video games being developed specifically for women – while perhaps the best games designed to appeal to both genders.

“They are fun.” says Asiri Haven, a 21 year old female gamer from North Carolina who has been actively playing video games for as long as she can remember. “I started playing games because I was a hyper child, so my grandmother gave me a little video-poker game and I put all my energy into that.” When asked why she enjoys video gaming, she states, “It’s like escaping reality into another world without having to read a million words to do it.”

Though she states that she still enjoys reading when she can find the time, it’s the same story for many gamers of all ages and gender, the near instant enjoyment of immersion into another world besides our own, all to escape the everyday stress and grind from school, work, or just life itself.

It’s experienced and life-long gamers like Asiri who have seen and played the latest video games out there who really understand what’s going on in the market, “A lot of games are replaying the same scenarios, just in different formats.”

Perhaps it’s time for a change, a unique approach to the games we play together. I’m excited to see the reaction from players like Asiri when they engage in the refreshing story, interaction, style and gameplay that we will demonstrate in the IMU Studios game: THUNDER!

“We often tend to think of video games as a male-only hobby for whatever reason” says Derek Ellingson, a 25 year old male gamer in South Dakota who spends much of his free time playing Gears of War over the Xbox Live network.  Whereas male players tend to have a “Let’s do it!” attitude of aggression, Derek notices that female players actually tend to use more common sense and thought in their gameplay, tending to practice better strategy and patience – “Which I dig” he adds. “Play smarter, not harder.”

Then there is a question of attitude, does having a female presence in a game change how the male players feel in the game? “Honestly, if any guy would say no to this, he is lying.” Derek keeps point and preaches, “Hell yes it does – I’m sure a lot of women prepare themselves for a verbal onslaught they may receive from 13-year old adolescence boys who play games based on sex appeal and violence.”

Though the video gaming world is being tailored to both genders, it’s still clear that women still receive comments from less open-minded players, but the fact of the matter is this: Women do play, they are here to stay, and prove to be just as zealous players as the boys.