Heaven Meets Hell, Online, in Space…
The Divine or The Fallen: who will you lead to glory?
Build Your Empire. Banish Your Enemies. Rule Your Dynasty.

  • Genre: First Person Action Team vs. Team Multiplayer Online
  • Gameplay: Players build and usurp thrones and kingdoms for territory
  • What’s Cool: ‘The Pit’ – high-tech Devices banish enemies to lower realms
  • Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation-3, linked to Social Media
  • Episode 1: 2012

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Fly like an Angel, Rule like a King! ™

THUNDER – Throne Wars is a captivating and exhilarating game experience, allowing you to blend hero creation and storytelling lore with theatrical, movie and stage concert elements to build up the dramatic narrative.

  • Become a Prince, a King, an Emperor, even an Epic Hero
  • Command Lightning, Fire, Ice and Storms
  • Banish Your Enemies to The Pit

If you are banished to The Pit, you must cooperate with others, even enemies, in the hellish wastelands of the lower realms, just to find your way back into the world, hoping all is not lost!

THUNDER balances the best of FPS and MMO gameplay.

THUNDER is social — share it with your friends and meet online to play together, leveling up as you gain experience.

THUNDER is competitive — you are challenged to think fast and play hard in a live, team-vs.-team game.