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IMU Studios Executive Team

Robert Strutin - CEO - IMU Studios
Robert Strutin – Founder and CEO 

Mr. Strutin is the Founder of IMU Studios, birthing THUNDER from a love of games and an avid interest in the hottest emerging trends in the industry.  Artistically creative and passionate for ingenuity in entertainment, Robert functions as team leader and is the dominant driving force behind game design and development, implementing and nurturing complementary strategic alliances.  Mr. Strutin is ‘the unsatisfied gamer’, juiced to make IMU Studios and THUNDER a powerful and fresh standard in computer game entertainment.

Carl Fravel - Chairman of the Board
Carl Fravel – Chairman of the Board

Mr. Fravel brings 30 years of proven experience in building, managing and providing strategic planning for multiple high-performance teams in both start up and larger public companies. He is expert in writing business plans, raising angel and venture capital funding, assembling advanced technology research and architecture groups, creating efficient operations, defining and developing new products and services, providing architectural leadership, and successfully launching businesses into new markets.


Matthew Helenek - Chief Technical Officer
Matthew Helenek – CTO

Mr Helenek is a creative product technology architect and leader in the 3D and game space, with many years of management, architecture and engineering experience and three consecutive conception-to-completion product successes.  Mr. Helenek offers the team technical and market guidance for the development of its game and social media products and for its economic infrastructure technology. Matthew has an extensive programming background, designing and developing systems that implement user-driven extensibility in games, and systems to provide high-quality, low-cost 3D solutions, including modelling, animation, rigging, motion capture and efficient rendering.

Michel Rondberg
Michel Rondberg – Co-Founder and Operations Manager

Mr. Rondberg is a featured and award winning visual artist, composer, musician and sound engineer with a number-one hit single and numerous commercial releases to his name. He has composed over three hours of original theme music for THUNDER and produced high-resolution 3D visualizations of game assets.


TEAM IMU – Members 

  • Industry-Experienced Advisory Board
  • Scalable Creative and Technical Team of 50+ Contributors
  • 300+ Years of creative, business, marketing and video game industry experience

The IMU Studios Team is a collaborative team consisting of some of the best and brightest artist, writers, musicians, programmers and business leaders whose goal is to create innovative, exciting products.