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HOPE Amidst Despair is a Rock Opera composed by Robert Strutin. The show is 90 minutes of original music, a “Life Work’ – the songs in this Rock Opera span his best compositions from 1982 to 2011.

HOPE was created to promote the IMU video games THUNDER, LIGHTNING & STORMCELL with a moving music experience.

HOPE – Synopsis of a ROCK OPERA

Boy meets guitar, meets his puppy and his first girl who leaves him but the dog stays!  But he’s got HOPE! And he finds her!  A girl named HOPE at the show and he feels fulfilled!  Yet in his passion for music and art and in his quest to create a band and save the world with his songs and games he drives her away from him, he loses his dog and he is again all alone.

His cries and dreams bring the vision of a glorious Angel and he falls madly for her.  Yet that opens up a gateway to a nightmare where a mischievous devil named Doubt sings to misdirect the Boy to play more aggressively!  The dog returns to chase doubt away and the boy’s possible future is restored and he shares his HOPE Amidst Despair with his community.

What will happen next?  Join us and enjoy this refreshing musical journey.

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